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Induo is the manufacturer of an hydrophobic and perspirant smart fabric, for your face mask and your everyday shirt.
#smarttextile #stopcovid19


Rediscover the Pleasure of driving.
With Toosla, rent nice cars easily and make yourself happy. #mobility


Sevessence is a professional perfumer of 100% organic smart fragrances for cosmetics and food industries

#organic #smartfragrance

Bone 3D

Bone 3D uses 3D printing for bespoke medical devices and training anatomic models

#medicaldevice #3Dprinting #surgicaltraining 


WAAM is a new organic and DIY cosmetic brand for people who care
#organic #diy #cosmetics


Isybot manufactures cobots, or collaborative robots, for difficult, painful and non-automatic tasks #cobot #industry #penibility

Brothers Loving Beer

US craft beer distribution house.
With HoppyTrade, it’s also the first European B2B(eer) marketplace.

In the past, the team has also invested in:

Spine & Brain robotic surgery
Mobile affiliation platform
Email retargeting
Social media agency
Nomad Tableware
Extremities' medical implants
Automotive powertrain testing
Urban security management platform
Paper-based RFID tags
Contactless & Mobile payment solutions
Remittance solution
Xtra fast database
Contactless solutions for retail & logistics
Innovate with your employees & customers
Point Of Sales Solutions
Comparative medicine