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Jean-Pierre Nadir

Fairmoove is an online travel agency (OTA) for eco conscious travellers aspiring to travel differently

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FairMoove in the news :

Eco-responsible tourism is a type of tourism that aims to minimize the environmental and societal impact of travel and tourism activities, while ensuring a positive and sustainable travel experience for travelers and local communities.

Here are some tips for traveling in an eco-responsible way:

  • Prefer public transportation, collective transportation or more environmentally friendly modes of transport (bicycling, walking) when possible.
  • Choose accommodations that are environmentally friendly and support local communities (ecological hotels, bed and breakfasts, youth hostels).
  • Consume responsibly by buying local products and avoiding unnecessary packaging.
  • Stay informed and respect the cultures and traditions of the communities visited.
  • Support eco-responsible initiatives and sustainable development projects in the visited destinations.