Technical textiles made from natural fibers are textiles designed for use in applications requiring specific properties such as water resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, etc. They are generally made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, hemp, etc.

Technical textiles made from natural fibers have many advantages over synthetic textiles. They are more breathable, more durable, easier to maintain and recycle, and generally cheaper to produce. In addition, they are often more comfortable to wear and more environmentally friendly.

Induo is also developing a technology for recycling textile waste that allows fibers to be reused effectively and sustainably. This technology treats different types of textile waste without the need to sort by color or composition, by grinding the textile waste into a powder and then extracting the polyester and cellulose molecules to make a new, high-quality fiber. This technique is particularly useful for processing large amounts of textile waste and significantly reduces recycling costs.