Management :
Antoine Fuyet

Champerché develops urban indoor bioponic farms.

Champerché will turn any urban wasteland into locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, while consuming 90% less water than conventional agriculture.

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Urban agriculture is agriculture practiced in cities that aims to produce food sustainably and close to consumers, using environmentally friendly gardening techniques.

Bioponics is a system of plant cultivation in a closed environment, generally used for the production of vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs. It relies on the use of organic gardening techniques and the optimization of the cultivation environment to create a stable and balanced ecosystem.

The benefits of bioponics include a reduction in the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, better quality of the produced food and a reduction in the environmental impact of food production.

Urban agriculture and bioponics allow for a reduction in the distance between producers and consumers, promote the use of environmentally friendly production techniques, and contribute to improving food security and promoting a more sustainable way of life.